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Bassist - Singer - Songwriter - Music Professor

This is the official website of Los Angeles-based professional bassist, music producer, and music educator, Nate Light.

new photos are up

So some time last year as I was doing a major overhaul of this site, I promised to add new photos in the immediate future, as the ones on the site were hopelessly out of date. As per usual, it took me a bit longer than expected to make good on that vow, but I finally managed to schedule a photoshoot with my good friend, Kim Zsebe, and the photos are officially live today. 

Promotional photos on a site like this are tricky thing. Since this is basically an information site (i.e. online business card/resume), staying current on something like photos of oneself really comes down to valuing web-integrity (pretty sure I just coined this term). Integrity in this context simply refers to portraying oneself online in as accurate a light as possible. Admittedly, my 6 year-old photos were hardly accurate. I always get super hung-up on having to take new photos though, as (a) I'm no fucking model and would prefer not to be in front of a lens at all, and (b) who in the hell really wants to upload shots of an older, fatter, wrinklier, drunker version of the themselves? (not that I'm hung up on age, weight, or the deleterious effects of alcohol or anything)

But I digress. Personal qualms aside, I got some new photos! Kim did a bang-up job, and they're hi-res, retouched, and super pro looking. So as I make my best attempt at taking myself, my ego, and my insecurities out the equation, I'm happy to present these shots to you in the name of web-integrity ;)