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new English Beat record is out in the U.S.

So a little while back I had the honor and good fortune to play electric bass on all of the tracks for Here We Go Lovethe new album by the English Beat feat. Dave Wakeling. My older sister was a huge 2-tone and ska enthusiast when I was growing up, and there were a few years where the Beat records were a constant in our house.

I've done so many gigs and sessions, where I feel like I'm trying to learn and assimilate a new style into my playing. While I always give it my all, some stuff just ends up feeling kind of forced. This was one of those instances though, where given my background, I really felt like I was made to play the music. And while it was a challenge to come up with the right parts and play lines that were appropriate given the density of the arrangements, the style fit my playing and personality like a glove. 

Anyways, enough about me. Here We Go Love was released in the UK last month and has been garnering critical praise ever since. It was officially released in the U.S. on June 15th and it's available for streaming and downloads in all the usual spots. Click the image below to stream Here We Go Love on Spotify!