Nate Light

Bassist - Singer - Songwriter - Music Professor

This is the official website of Los Angeles-based professional bassist, music producer, and music educator, Nate Light.

First Update in toooooooo damn long

Man, I've been sleeping on updating this site for a minute now. Please forgive me. It's a been whirlwind of a couple of years.

The most significant update in Nate-land is that I've seriously upped my teaching game: I landed a gig as a Tenure-Track Music Professor at Los Angeles City College in mid-2015, and I'm just now wrapping up my 4th semester as a full-time Prof. It's been one hell of learning curve, and I had to seriously dial-back my gigging schedule for a year and change. I'm just now starting to aggressively play out again and get back in the public eye.

On the playing front, I'm still doing occasional travel dates with my main man, Matthew Morrison. We were in Jakarta just the other week and it was a fricking blast, though it was hell on the body. It's always great to re-connect with that crew which is comprised of some of my favorite people and players on the planet: Brad Ellis on keys, Dan Kalisher on guitar, Peter Antunes on the kit, and Jimmy Emerzian on saxamaphone. I've also been getting back out on the L.A. rock scene. Most recently I've been subbing with my homies The Diamond Light for their May residency at the Satellite. TDL are one of the best bands that my old band the Janks used to play with on the reg, and they're no doubt one of LA's best traditional-hard-rocking groups (clearly I'm biased, seriously though). I've been beyond stoked to link-up with those dudes and get back on the circuit in town. As per usual, I'm also doing a smattering of random live dates and recording sessions: a little bit of yazz, a little bit of musico popular... you know the deal. I've really been focusing on upping my home recording prowess as well, and I've had several rad remote sessions in my living room as of late. If you need bass tracks, get at me! I'll turn that shit around in hours flat so you can get on with yer life!!!

Anyways, I'm mainly just checking back in here to let you know that (A) I still exist, and (B) shit is happening on my end and lots of good things are afoot. I'm planning on doing a complete overhaul of this site this Summer, including new photos and an updated layout and design scheme. If you have comments or suggestions, hit me up in the comments section below or contact me directly. I'll be back with more news real soon!!!