Nate Light

Bassist - Singer - Songwriter - Music Professor

This is the official website of Los Angeles-based professional bassist, music producer, and music educator, Nate Light.

G&L Artist Endorsement

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am now officially a G&L Artist Endorser!

I bought my first G&L bass roughly a decade ago, and while I've played and owned countless basses over the years, I keep coming back to G&L. 

G&L basses allow me dial in any sound that I need on the fly, yet they always retain their own distinct character. Theses basses have bottom-end to spare, but they also have an exceptionally defined mid-range that allows them to cut through the mix like no other instrument I've played. As someone who's always striving for the utmost sonic clarity on stage, this is a complete game changer. I love my G&L's!

It's a great honor and privilege to officially and exclusively endorse these amazing instruments. Here's a big thanks to Lou V. and all the folks at G&L!  Click the photo below to check out the article about me on the G&L website.